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Sidewalk Protesters Receive Rude Welcome
From Tullytown Council

Protesters who peacefully and respectfully rallied for Rt. 13 sidewalks received a less than warm welcome from Tullytown Council-members Rick Adams, May Kucher, Matt Pirolli and sister Holly Pirolli. The group, from Sidewalks Are For Everyone (S.A.F.E.), a not-for-profit group formed by Sharon Rearick, a mother whose son was killed by a hit-and-run driver on New Falls Road two-years ago, came to the council meeting pleading to allow PENNDOT to install free-of-charge sidewalks along their portion of Rt. 13. Council would have none of it, let alone listen to the pleas. More

Despite Court Loss Tullytown Continues to Remove Political Signs

Like it or not our citizens continue to have 1st Amendment, as well as other, rights. Certain members of Tullytown Council just don't seem to understand that fact. Yet their "misunderstanding" (the politest term available) seems to only apply to certain individuals. A quick view of Levittown Parkway reveals a considerable showing of political signs, not so for signs that advertise this web site though, those signs are banned. More

November Election Candidate List

About the Civil Rights Action Against Tullytown

Following the Tullytown Council meeting of September 2 it should be no secret that current Councilmen Ed Armstrong and Ed Czyzyk, along with unsuccessful council candidates George Fox and Robert Campanaro have filed a court action against Tullytown Borough for an unspecified civil rights violation. More


This video may make you sick or cause you to loose all faith in politics and our elected officials.

Adams is yelling at a father who lost a son to a hit-and-run driver along New-Falls Road two years ago.

Listen carefully to the ridiculous logic Adams uses in explaining how a sidewalk is more dangerous than walking down a dark, lonely, unshoveled Delaware Canal towpath.

Adams also makes it clear that he doesn't care - because this gentleman is not from Tullytown Borough. Those of us residing in Tullytown Borough need to look into the mirror and see what landfill revenue has done to our council… and maybe all of us!